Build a Strong Online Presence with Wikipedia

I’m old enough to remember using the Britannica Encyclopedia, considered the defacto reference, when doing my school research work.  My how times have changed.  In today’s information age online journalists and high level influencers turn to the Internet to gather … Continue reading

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Top Ways Google Alerts Help You Get Into the Media

Recently presenting to SocialBuzzU on How To Get Your Blog All Over The Media , I shared numerous no-cost ways to get publicity for your blog and business. Here is one additional tool I use to identify publicity opportunities and … Continue reading

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Why Images are Dominating the Business World

Have you noticed the amount of images that have exploded into the social media scene? It’s no mistake that these images have taken over our favourite social media platforms. With the advent of smart phones that have some super high … Continue reading

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Putting the R.A.P. in Rapport – Mastering the Art of High Power Communication

- Dr. Karen Jacobson, high performance coach, author, speaker and wellness advisor. Imagine walking into a room anywhere around the world, listening to any foreign language and immediately being able to communicate and speak with everyone around you. How cool … Continue reading

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Social Media Build Your Tribe – Entice Engagement By Giving Your Followers Success

Social Media engagement starts a cocktail-party style encounter amidst streams of clever quotes and cute critters. You have a chance to say ‘hi’ with a smile, you may have a chance to chat, and sometimes there’s a click-through. Engaging followers … Continue reading

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Social Buzz Club Premier Training Topics Survey

Social Buzz U is Social Buzz Club’s weekly webcast where experts offer high content training on the latest tools, online marketing and business practices. We have delivered over 125 webinars to date. We are very proud of the content, speakers … Continue reading

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Motivate Like The Best! How The Best Leaders & Salespeople Do It.

Right now, I bet you know THAT person. Who is THAT person you might ask? For many of us, it is hard to describe, so let me tell you the story of two people… “Jane is the CEO of XYZ … Continue reading

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5 Blogging Tips to Help You Connect with Your Ideal Client

Entrepreneur and best-selling author, Dave Kerpen once wrote that “Writing a blog is an excellent way to become a better writer, drive leads for a business and express oneself.” I couldn’t agree more. I’m positive that since I started my … Continue reading

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