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  • Chad Prinsloo

    Why does your business matter to people and what makes it useful? Many of us think that we have a solid business which will grow in revenue each month and year, but the reality is they are not asking themselves the crucial questions which will help them grow their business. Do Marketing Yourself likes to challenge aspiring business owners to think differently about how they view their own business and what makes it unique. It’s crucial to understand step 1:

    Who your customers are

    Their full demographic profile

    Their psycho demographic profile

    What needs and desires they have

    How can you fulfill those desires

    Once market research was done with the above results, then step 2 can follow:

    Who are your local competitors within 50km of your business and what are their online marketing strengths?

    How does their online marketing methods compare to yours?

    What are their traditional marketing methods?

    How does their traditional marketing methods compare to yours?

    What information do your customers want/need from you for them to take action

    What tools are you using to track your results, both online and offline?

    Instead of placing your emphasis on selling your products or services, rather place a strong emphasis on story telling: Think of a story for each product or service you sell and eventually, your customers will associate the brand with a positive emotion rather than a sales pitch, for example:

    Thousands, if not millions of people fail at a specific, important aspect of their business when someone asks them “what is it you do for a living”? If you were a dance teacher you would usually say “I teach dance lessons” Do Marketing Yourself teaches you to change the way you market your business completely. For example I would advise you to change “I teach dance lessons” to “I help make dreams come alive.” Think how much more of a story you place in someone’s mind when you give them a statement which they are not expecting.

    When you are just starting out, its important to place a strong emphasis on people and what they want and how you can fulfill what they want, not money or links. I’ve got great news for you which i’ll highlight in red soon. If you are a startup or an established business, you are constantly asking yourself how can you be different, better, cheaper and more effective in managing your time? The bad news is there are always going to be competitors, and even if you spotted a niche, a few months later there would be thousands of replicas just like yours. There are thousands of DoItYourself packages out there, but there is only one of me. No where else in the world is there another Chad Prinsloo just like me. The good news is that there is only one of you too. No where else does someone interact exactly the same as you, write or think exactly the same as you, answer questions exactly the same as you, produce content exactly the same as you. There is only one of you, so instead of making your brand unique, create inner uniqueness by learning something new, creating something new and sharing something new. This is starting to sound like a self help blog, I do apologize but I am just emphasizing the fact that when you know something, you share it, so why not know more?