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Do You Make These Storytelling Mistakes?

We all love a good story. Tell a good story and you’ll have your audience liking you, engaged with you and wanting to know more. Master the art of storytelling and the sky’s the limit for you. A master storyteller … Continue reading

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One Secret to Getting a Standing Ovation

I’ve been coaching public speaking for twenty years. In this time, coaching everyone from entrepreneurs to CEOs to national high school speech champions… and with graduate degrees in both communications and theater, I’ve learned a thing or two about speaking. … Continue reading

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Seven Best Practices of Editing Your Own Work

Nothing kills credibility faster than mistakes in your book. Before you submit your work to an editor, there are a number of strategies you can use to save time and money. 1. Walk Away From Your Work Try and give … Continue reading

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5 Best Practices of Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is a hot buzzword, however, there are many definitions and misconceptions about what a thought leader is. I’d like to offer a definition that may be slightly broader than what you’re used to. Once you’re comfortable with the … Continue reading

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Why Images are Dominating the Business World

Have you noticed the amount of images that have exploded into the social media scene? It’s no mistake that these images have taken over our favourite social media platforms. With the advent of smart phones that have some super high … Continue reading

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