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How to Instantly Improve Your Facebook Ads So That Your Ads Sell Your Product

START YOUR FACEBOOK AD CAMPAIGN WITH A LEAD MAGNET Before you start a Facebook ad campaign you must first consider what you are selling to your audience. Below is a checklist for creating the perfect lead magnet. 1 -Get Uber … Continue reading

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Facebook’s Ad Manager Is Available As A FREE Market Research Resource

It’s easy, it’s valuable, and it’s stunningly FAST. And if you’re planning to invest your savings and start a new business venture to pitch to qualified investors, spending some time on Facebook’s Ad Manager can make all the difference in … Continue reading

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Say This, Not That: Essentials of Social Media Manners

Or… how to make a good electronic first impression Technology has given us the capability to navigate on a global scale, download and upload information instantly from almost anywhere, text, send emails along with a full menu of digital options … Continue reading

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What makes a Facebook Promotion Work?

By Brian McNeil-Smith Whether you are running a promotion for the first time or a seasoned pro, it’s time to Facebook promo ‘app up’ and make your promos Facebook compliant, but also save yourself time and money in the process. … Continue reading

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6 Social Mistakes That Will Cost You!

Although there are many reasons why some people aren’t seeing results for their social media efforts, we’ve identified 6 common social mistakes that brands don’t even realize they are making. These will cost you BIG TIME! Continue reading Continue reading

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