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5 Best Practices of Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is a hot buzzword, however, there are many definitions and misconceptions about what a thought leader is. I’d like to offer a definition that may be slightly broader than what you’re used to. Once you’re comfortable with the … Continue reading

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Top Ways Google Alerts Help You Get Into the Media

Recently presenting to SocialBuzzU on How To Get Your Blog All Over The Media , I shared numerous no-cost ways to get publicity for your blog and business. Here is one additional tool I use to identify publicity opportunities and … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Express Your Message More Effectively on Social Media

Toni loved using social media. Through Facebook she kept up with her kids’ adventures and her own friends from her college days. She used Pinterest to collect healthy recipes and beautifully illustrated quotations. But she was at a loss when … Continue reading

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Don’t Fall for These Publicity Myths and Mistakes

Many people talk themselves out of getting free publicity! It’s hard to believe, but true. I’ve been helping speakers, authors, coaches, consultants and thought leaders get publicity for more than a decade, so I’ve seen what traits help a person … Continue reading

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Why Finding Your Tribe on Social Media is Essential

Life just works better when you, and the people around you, fit together well. Seth Godin popularized the concept of our “Tribes” as being the people with whom we have the greatest resonance, groups with which we have a natural … Continue reading

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