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5 Ways to Express Your Message More Effectively on Social Media

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You Can Do It!Toni loved using social media. Through Facebook she kept up with her kids’ adventures and her own friends from her college days. She used Pinterest to collect healthy recipes and beautifully illustrated quotations.

But she was at a loss when it came time to market her life coaching business through social media. Would her edgy personality be too much for clients she wanted to attract? How could she stand out from everyone else posting inspirational photos and viral videos?

Here are the 5 steps I gave her:

1. Identify your perfect client. When you know exactly who is the best fit for your gifts and talents, it’s easier to market your business. Using your most perfect-fitting client as a model, create a profile of her interests, lifestyle, challenges, emotions and activities. I even add a photo and a (fictional) name to mine. Then, when considering what to post, you can ask, “Is this something Josh would like and share?”

2. Listen! My client Toni created a perfect client profile based on her three favorite coaching clients combined under the name “Carolyn.” She filled it out by studying what they posted on social media. She interviewed them about their interests and also why they had chosen to work her. When doing this yourself, be sure to focus not simply on past clients but those who were a perfect match for your services.

3. Speak to ONE person. Do you ever read posts that sound as if someone is shouting out a window to anyone who’ll listen? Toni had a habit of writing to an audience of many, with phrases such as, “How is everyone doing today?” or “A lot of you have been telling me ….” When she began to write each message as if it were to Carolyn alone, she noticed her posts resonated personally with many more people. As a result her audience grew dramatically.

4. Clearly articulate your marketing message. A concise marketing message outlines who you help (perfect client), with what challenges and what outcomes you get for them. Before working with me, her not-so-magnetic message was, “I’m a life coach.” Together we revised her message to focus on helping women executives who were killing themselves with overwork to find greater personal fulfillment through artistic pursuits without compromising their careers.

5. Know what aligns with your message – and what doesn’t. What about Toni’s edgy personality? One thing I shared with her was a love of snark and ranting. It’s fun for me, but not a fit for my brand, Enlightened Marketing, which is about inspiration, optimism and action – NOT negativity. Toni soon realized that she could share some of the painful experiences that made her the person she is today, but when it came to humor, her perfect client “Carolyn” wanted not snark but to laugh about things that were light and positive.

Get even more great tips & techniques from Samantha during her free live webinar for Social Buzz Club - HOW TO CREATE JAW-DROPPING, CLIENT-GETTING MESSAGES - Thursday May 8


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8 Proven Strategies to Grow Your Followers and Reach On Instagram

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Did you know that Forbes Magazine recently said that “Instagram is shaping up to be the worlds most powerful selling tool.”

Visual and mobile Marketing is HOT right now, the best part about it is that “visual marketing” is nothing new.

Do you remember Show and Tell when you were younger? You couldn’t WAIT to go to the front of the class and share what was new, fun and exciting? All of the other children oohhh and ahhh’d over it? That is what Instagram is now offering.

The term “A picture is worth a thousand words” definitely rings true for Instagram.

To be honest, I began marketing on Instagram as a complete accident and it turned into a goldmine for me in just a few short months. I currently manage six separate Instagram accounts with a following of just under 20,000 TARGETED Followers.

I’ve realized that as my account grows and I help others succeed with Instagram, there are a few CRUCIAL step that everyone needs to follow in order to be successful on Instagram

Here are 8 time tested proven strategies that will help you with gaining more reach and followers on Instagram:


Many people make the mistake of leaving their Instagram bio blank, this is a “No-No”.
Make sure that you take the time to tell a few sentences about yourself and let people know where they can contact you and what you are all about. And ADD YOUR WEBSITE LINK!!


Give back to others! Don’t just post to Instagram. Search for others to follow and be sure to also “like” others photos as well as joining into conversations within the comments section of photos. Showing interest to others shows that you care!


Who is your “target audience”? Who do you WANT buying your product? Search for them on Instagram and see what they are posting and looking for/interested in. Are they SAHM? Entrepreneurs? Students? FIND THEM and follow them


In order to get more followers, you have to get in front of the “right people.” The easiest way to do that is through #Hashtags. If you own a clothing line, look for people using #hashtags such as #fashion #models #style

Let’s be honest, people always “share” (aka ‘steal’) photos and use for themselves. So if people are going to share them any way, why not have YOUR contact info on them. It does not have to take up the entire picture, just add it SOMEWHERE I use the apps “PHONTO” and “OVER” on my iPhone to do this.


There are several reasons to connect your additional Social Media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter with your Instagram

  • Allows you to increase your exposure
  • Saves time! You will not have to exit the Instagram app to hit several social media sites at once
  • You can never assume that because someone is connected with you on one platform that they follow you on Instagram, Let them know!


You can never assume that your followers know what to do.
Give them a Call To Action

Eg: “Double tap this picture if”… (when you tap a picture twice, it will “like” the picture)
Eg: “Tag a friend who motivates you”


Using a small prize as an incentive will drive tons of new users to participate and share with their friends! One contest has the ability to generate the same engagement and increase in Followers and get your product or brand in front of MANY more people!

  • Eg: Ask followers to post a picture and tag your company with a specific #hashtag to be eligible
  • Eg: Ask followers to forward a picture that you’ve posted, share with a friend and be eligible to win
  • Prizes can include: Gift cards, 1 on 1 consultations, sample of your product, blog feature, free “swag” the possibilities are ENDLESS

Whether you are brand new to Instagram or a seasoned Instagram veteran, these 8 tips will help you skyrocket your engagement

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How to Instantly Improve Your Facebook Ads So That Your Ads Sell Your Product

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Before you start a Facebook ad campaign you must first consider what you are selling to your audience. Below is a checklist for creating the perfect lead magnet.

1 -Get Uber Specific

Your audience wants uber-specific solutions to their uber-specific problems.  Pick your lead magnet apart and scrutinize your product. Treat it as if it’s not good enough and then move the free-line and don’t give them a bunch of sizzle and no steak.   The value you’re giving should be your best product for free.

2- Get your whiskers out of the way

Referring to the Joe Polish, “I love marketing podcast” the whiskers n ‘cheese episode #024.  Understand your actual value and that just because you think your product is great, the people who you’re marketing to, don’t know this…YET.  So, yes, the actual value of your lead magnet must be high, so show them the cheese (e.g., your product) and make sure you’re delivering on your promises, otherwise you’ll lose their attention.  Be a good kitty and don’t show your whiskers.

3- What is your one big promise?

Make good on your promises and deliver what you promise.  Make one big promise and then chunk it down, instead of making a bunch of little promises to build it up to be a big hunkin’ sandcastle that’ll wash away with the tide.  Read “The One Thing” by Gary Keller if you are in doubt.

4- What’s your end result? 

What do they really want, these uber-specific, uber-busy, uber-metro-sexuals?  If you figure out what they want at the time, (like Eben Pagan does when he opens his cart, crashes the servers and then apologizes that you can’t purchase his product anymore) and you know how to serve it to them on the platter they want, then they’ll gladly give you their attention,  their contact information and especially their money.

Intrigued? NEED to know more? Join us for Nicole’s free webinar on Social Buzz U April 10, 2014!

5- “Give it to me Baby”

Just like Rick James says.  They don’t want to ask, “Why do I have to wait 7 days to get your information?  Give me the goods now!”  Don’t make them jump through six different clicks.  It’s like being on hold with AT&T or Comcast., By the time you get there you’re so upset and freaked out that you hang up on the rep because they can’t give you what you want within a relatively sane period of time; like within 2 hours.   Give them what they want right away.  They’ll respect you for it.

6- Change their state of mind.

That lead magnet should change their mindset and get them used to doing business with your company.  You want them to engage with you.  If you’re a restaurant you should be posting at least 6-8x a day on your Facebook page to always create a sense of intrigue and information and engagement with your fans.  Your fans are your brand advocates, your brand advocates are free advertising, and your free advertising helps you sell even more of your product. So, just by engaging with your fans and changing their mindset you get free advertising.  Isn’t that cool?

7- How fast can they consume what you have to offer?

Your lead magnet should be able to be consumed quickly so as to not detract from your sales funnel.  If they can’t eat what you have within a relatively short period of time and enjoy it, then you’re back to the drawing board.  Make it easy for them to get what they came for in 5 mins or less.

8- Do you look like Walmart or Bergdorfs?

If it looks free…well, it is.  You know, when things look free they look funky and this is not a good thing for your brand.  Funky stuff is best left to Rick James, for you, make your goods have a higher perceived value than the next marketer and you’ll gain their confidence in you and your product.

After you get your lead magnet together, consider your ads.  I’ll go over ad strategies in more depth in the upcoming Social Buzz University webinar. Here are some reasons your ad campaigns may be falling short.  Don’t worry! Yes, you can fix it!!

Facebook Ad General Rules for Successful Campaigns

As a rule, I want to see a good measure of clicks and/or impressions on Facebook ads.

Anything less than 100-300 clicks isn’t telling you anything.
Anything less than 5/10k impressions isn’t telling you anything.

Note:  in Point #1 it might not always be obvious.  I usually start out with a bid of $100 and then watch it closely if I’m doing CPC.  So #1 is more the case with CPC.  However, you may need to increase your budget with oCPM to get the initial impressions rolling in.

If you really pay attention to and follow these simple steps you can pick out exactly what’s going on and what you need to fix in relation to your projects. In general:

  1. No Impressions = bid higher
  2. Impressions & No Clicks = Ad Sucks
  3. Impressions & Clicks & No Sales = Offer Sucks
  4. Impressions & Sales & Clicks = Winner winner chicken dinner

If you’re not getting any clicks and no sales, then start over and if you’re getting clicks and no sales, you have the wrong offer for the audience or you are targeting the wrong market.  

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Pinterest for Business Building

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How To Use Pinterest for BusinessAs of 3 years ago, you could have been right to say ‘I don’t have time to devote to another site’ and it would have been OK to tell you to concentrate on your business, however we can no longer ignore the fastest growing website in the history of the Internet.

Pinterest has been consistently increasing its business pages with over 500,000 pages, similar to Facebook pages and over 70+ million users, chances are your ideal clients are already using Pinterest.

We have all been told in Marketing you follow where the leads are. It just so happens Pinterest is now the number one referral for E-commerce and growing at a rate of 11% overall compared to Facebook’s 5%, according to Experian, and with the advent of sponsored pins, Pinterest is poised to reach over 200 million users by the 1st quarter of 2015.

Businesses can no longer say they don’t have time. The figures show with such increased in traffic and referrals you will be missing a lot of great opportunities to reach your target audience and ideal client to grow your business.

I’ve had several Direct Sales experts, Business Coaches, and Digital Marketers reach out to me asking how can they reach a larger audience and get more followers?

Here are 3 time tested proven strategies that will help you with gaining more reach and followers on Pinterest:

1.Curate fresh content. What I mean by that: instead of repinning 80% of everything you see on your feed…pin fresh content that are not popular already. Flip that model on it’s side. I’ve been successful in a very short time period by curating 80% new content, 10% repins, and 10% from friends that need a hand.

2. Create board covers that are enticing. Draw in your ideal clients with images they can relate with. Use sharp, magazine-worthy images a la National Geographic.

3. Use keywords that pertain to your target market to describe your images. Keep in mind, Pinterest pins appear on Search Engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Most customers are not typing “cute idea” or “yummy chocolate” when looking for chocolate chip cookie recipes. And don’t forget to use hashtags on your descriptions, this will help when a client is using the search feature on Pinterest.

If you are a service provider, business coach, or have a physical product or store experiencing the feast and famine cycle we have found a solution for you by using Pinterest and we will share the solution with you during our free webinar on April 3 at Social Buzz U.

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Mastering Google Hangouts with Renae Christine

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We’re delighted to share this exclusive vlog post with our readers! 

Join us for Renae’s webinar at Social Buzz U on Thursday, February 27, 2014! Details are here… and it’s free!

Main points from the video

1. Free traffic

Your video is not only shown on the main on air Google hangouts page.

Your video’s get serious SEO juice on both the Google search engine and YouTube for the keywords you put into the title of your Google hangout.

This is a temporary jump that lasts for about a day so the more Google hangouts the better.

2. The “smooth” setting

This one setting makes everyone instantly look 20 years younger.

It can build your self confidence instantly.

So no more excuses about not going live.

3. No editing

Google does all the work for you.

So you can have guests, do product reviews or live tutorials or even chat live with your audience.

Your audience won’t mind any tiny mistakes and blunders because they appreciate the fact that it’s live and they can interact with you.

4. Download your hangout as an mp4 after processing.

Holy downloads Batman!

Yes, simply go to your video manager then click the arrow next to the live episode you want to download

5. Add your Google hangout to an itunes podcast effortlessly.

All you need to do this is the mp4 you just finished downloading, a wordpress blog and the wordpress plugin called powerpress.

6. Use Google hangouts to host your next public webinar

You no longer need to have registrations for your webinars and you can now host your webinars right inside your website or blog or even an email … or Facebook page … or Twitter … or … wherever.

Your Google Hangout On Air can be embedded anywhere that accepts html.

I’ll show you how to do this later.

7. Use Google hangouts to host your next private webinar

But wait Renae, I thought we could only add a limited number of people to a private webinar via Google hangouts?


Simply create a separate YouTube channel that no one knows about, broadcast the webinar from that channel but embed it into whatever website, blog post you like and give people the appropriate passcodes for that site.

Sound complicated?

Then join me at my Social Buzz Club webinar called Mastering Google Hangouts where we will go through all the complicatedness of Google Hangouts and dumb it down making it as easy as eating strawberry rhubarb pie

I love strawberry rhubarb pie

Thumbs up this video if you love pie!

Remember… The Social Buzz Club Webinar will air on February 27th at 11 am pst. Register NOW to attend free!

Love you all.

Peace out yo!

X0X0 Renae

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