How To Make 6-Figure Revenue with Local Facebook Marketing

Social Buzz Club presents Facebook Marketer Nick UnsworthNick Unsworth Facebook Marketing

We’re really excited to have social media Super Star Nick Unsworth on a Facebook Marketing training webinar (replay below)!

He’s sharing how he started from scratch and built a 6-figure local marketing business with over 100 clients in his first 90 days.  Since then, he has turned it into a 7 figure business and was just acquired by a large digital marketing company…all of this happened within TWO years!

During this training webinar, he will tell you exactly how he did it and how you can too.

PLUS, he shares how he is generating a tangible ROI on his Facebook marketing for his company and for his clients.  He’ll also teach you how to attract 5 figure contracts and exactly how to fulfill the orders.

Also on the live training webinar… (replay below)

  • Nick was able to start from scratch and create a 6-figure local marketing company in 90 days.
  • Learn specific tactics on how to easily get dozens of local business clients
  • 3 Simple ways to monetize Facebook marketing for you AND your clients
  • How to build your brand so that you attract 5 & 6 figure contracts

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Build Your Twitter Influence with

Mike Polischuk Influence on Twitter When it comes to expanding your reach on Twitter, you need to cut through all the noise, find the right people to engage with and build relationships. This can take an enormous amount of time if you don’t have the right tools that can efficiently grow your Twitter influence. We recently discovered a web based platform that finds the right people for you to engage with so you become well known to your target market on Twitter.

In this webinar replay, Mike Polischuk, co-founder of, walks you through the essential features that help social media community managers efficiently find, connect and establish relationships with key influencers and potential customers.

Key Features & Benefits of

  • Analyzes who your supporters and influencers so you can engage/thank them and keep you top of mind
  • Review, follow and tweet your newest followers
  • Monitors the Twittersphere for key words and identify new potential influencers to follow and engage with
  • Recommends unfollows

software to grow Twitter influence

Community Management in 20 Minutes = Grow Your Twitter Influence

Here are Mike’s 6 Steps to growing your Influence on Twitter using

Step 1: : Make sure you are on top of your core community

  1. Go to influencers (/supporters / engaged members) list
  2. Share the love with your recent influencers – show appreciation and build deeper relationship, and if you are short on time, this is a quick way to acknowledge them
  3. Make sure you follow all of them
  4. Send a dm “Happy to follow back!” to at least a couple of them, to let them know, you you started following, otherwise, they miss this
  5. Go over “unreplied statuses”, see if you can quickly cultivate relationship. Examples: “Thanx for the retweet”, “Happy to engage 🙂 “..

Outcome: you have (0) in all lists counts – this is your indication you took care of your “High-value members” – the people that drive your community

Step 2: Balance your followers/following ratio – improve your “influence perception”

Unfollow all people in “Consider to Unfollow” list.

If you see you had 0 engagements – unfollow right away If you had few engagements –  either engage him (which will remove him from the list), or “hide” him (which will also remove him from list, without unfollowing him)

Outcome: Consider to Unfollow list has (0) items. Now you are ready to follow more people

Step 3: Follow the Right People

Follow 5-10 people in your Consider to Follow list

Step 4: Thank your top new followers

  1. Go to “New Followers” list
  2. Sort them by “Highest Rating”
  3. Follow the top 3-5
  4. “Say Hi” to top new followers

 Outcome: you have (0) in New Followers list

Step 5: Connect with likeminded people and potential clients

  1. Go to “Discover New Leads” section and make sure you monitor at least 1 keyword relevant for your industry (for it’s “community management”)
  2. Click on a list
  3. Sort it by “Highest Rating”
  4. Follow the top 3-5
  5. “Say Hi” to your top leads

 Step 6: Show your passion for your community (optional)

Go to Advanced -> Activity Report -> Share with your Community

Outcome: Everybody you followed / engaged with recently will see this, and it will position you as a professional that wants to build relationships

 What are your best community management tactics for growing Twitter influence and how can you see using to help you?

Let us know in the comments below.


How To Get Massive Social Media Buzz and Web Traffic

Become a Social Media Super Influencer With Premium Membership

Social Media Leaders on Social Buzz Club

The power of a collaboration from the Social Buzz Club high quality members is proving to drive more traffic and social media buzz. Members get their content shared anywhere from 7 to 50 times by other members to their friends, followers, fans and connections on the various social networks. The Social Buzz Club has achieved reach is over 3,000,000 for our members.

No wonder Premium members like Shelley Webb, Denise Wakeman and Payson Cooper are reporting record numbers of visitors to their websites.

Recently, we added our Premium Membership option. For less than the price of a latte a week, you can get more traffic, more influence and more profits!

How Our System Gets You Social Media Buzz

Our proprietary member online software that contains the Buzz Feed of curated content offered by members, Buzz Scheduler that allows you to schedule your posts in advance saving you time, and Quick Start Training videos that show you how to use the engine.

Every time you share other’s content you earn points. Simply by posting other members content to your social networks, you’ll accumulate these valuable points. To submit your buzz to the Buzz Feed, you’ll redeem the points you’ve earned by sharing.

Premium members submit content faster because Premium members only need to accumulate 5 points to submit a buzz of your own.

Imagine becoming known as a resource for relevant quality information.

Our Social Buzz Club engine allows you to SEARCH for relevant content.

You may also create your very own Buzz Group of members whose content you want to share.

Premium Member Only Features

Unlimited Facebook Sharing

Premium members earn points fast. In addition to sharing content to your personal profile Premium members can

  • Share to an unlimited number of Fan Pages (that you Admin) and
  • Unlimited Facebook Groups that you belong to.

Imagine the massive content you can be contributing quickly and you’ll be handsomely rewarded for it!

Unlimited Facebook Sharing is your key to becoming a hero to your audiences and standing out to super influencers.

Unlimited Twitter Sharing

The fastest way to earn points and get your content submitted to the Buzz Feed is to spread other’s content to as many Twitter accounts as you manage. Premium Members only get the ability to share buzz to more than one account. That means more of YOUR buzz gets shared by all members.

Unlimited LinkedIn Group Sharing

In addition to sharing to your LinkedIn personal profile, Premium Members can effortlessly share to LinkedIn Groups:

This is a super easy way to be active on your LinkedIn Groups and get points rapidly and get more of your content buzzed.

YOUR Featured Blog Post

That’s right we’ll give you backlinks from our blog. To grow your visibility and traffic we will post and optimize a blog post that you author on our public blog. Our website consistently ranks very high on Alexa and Google. We will link back to your site, place a photo of you on the blog and buzz out the blog on the Social Buzz Club social networks. That’s an instant reach of over 2 million users. We will feature blog post twice a year for our Premium members.

Social Buzz U – 24/7 Business Learning Center Access

Imagine the success you can have with hundreds of hours of courses from the world’s leading experts in:

  • Internet marketing strategies
  • Blog marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Article marketing
  • Book Publishing
  • Copywriting and branding
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Running Successful Facebook Contests
  • Twitter Strategies
  • LinkedIn Strategies
  • Pinterest for Business
  • Google+ Goldmine
  • Mindset Secrets for Outrageous Business Growth

Many of these experts offer free downloads and profit building strategies at no extra cost. Normally, you would pay thousands of dollars for this kind of information. Every week a new high-content training session is added to the library.

If you’re an expert, you may also have an opportunity to contribute as well.
Trainings already in our library for you include experts like Mari Smith, Lou Bortone, Amy Porterfield, Eric Yaverbaum, Pam Brossman, Chris Treadaway, Nick Unsworth, and tons more.

You don’t have to hire them. The information is already accessible here.

Thrive With Your Tribe

Here’s how Social Buzz Club PREMIUM Membership is transforming businesses:

  • Instant network of social media influencers who will tweet and sharing your posts on their Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn accounts. This is how we get traffic to your websites and grow your Klout score too!
  • Access to high quality content from hundreds key industry leaders. You’ll become known as the “go to” expert who shares quality relevant information.
  • Earn points FAST so you can submit more of valuable content with the unlimited sharing features of the Premium
  • Share to unlimited Facebook Fan Pages that you admin,
  • Ability to request social bookmarking on Digg and StumbleUpon of your pages
  • Category/niche search for content
  • Complete online marketing and professional business Learning Center and webinar series
  • Forum to connect with major networkers
  • Weekly expert social media, marketing and business training webinars (Social Buzz U)

For less than the price of a latte a week, you can get more traffic, more influence and more profits!

Join these Internet Influencers and We’ll Build Your Social Media Buzz

Social Media Leaders on Social Buzz Club


Blogging Success with Michael Stelzner

We had a chance to do another interview with Social Media Examiner founder and blog expert Michael Stelzner on his blog’s success and tips for growing your blog. Michael Stelzner starting blogging with his Writing White Papers blog started in 2005. He had so much success, he wanted to come out with a new blog and did so in 2009 when he launched Social Media Examiner which currently has 600,0000 visits per month and 155,000 email subscribers.

He attributes the success of Social Media Examiner to

  1. the super rich content they offer
  2. having multiple bloggers
  3. using white papers or free offer to get them on newsletter

During this video interview he answers these questions:

  • Which is more important having RSS subscribers or email newsletter opt-ins?
  • Advice on what to write and make you the source in your industry?
  • How to get the word out about your blog?

See for yourself:


Blogging Success Fundamentals for Business Workshop is a revolutionary training event will cover topics that are designed to take you from concept to blogging success including:

  • What is a Blog Strategy How does a blog fit into your business
  • Lay out a blog strategy blue print
  • Tactics and easy ways to create blog content
  • Analytics – what to measure and how to measure your blog traffic and impact
  • Technical tools to optimize your blog
  • Plugins for mobile users
  • Steps to take to Promote your blog

The Blogging Fundamentals for Business Workshop takes place over 2 Weeks. All 5 sessions are being taught exclusively by master blogger Michael Stelzner himself. Act now for the best deal

 To check out Mike and review the quality of his training and expertise, attend his Free Webinar June 26 WEBINAR: 9 Businesses Doing Blogging Right: What You Need to Know

Please share the things that are working for you and your blogging in the comments below.

LinkedIn Strategies For Your Business and Increased Market Visibility

Linkedin strategies

Linkedin strategiesLeading LinkedIn Expert, Viveka von Rosen offered great LinkedIn strategies for business on Social Buzz Club’s Social Buzz U that made me realize how important LinkedIn is for business. Viveka got started on LinkedIn in 2006. She is a supporter of face to face networking groups and personal communication and as a business networking site LinkedIn just made made a lot of sense. Today, Viveka has 24,000 first level connections on LinkedIn and 46,000 following on twitter. She also has been ranked as one of the top ten influential people by Forbes. Her book coming out is entitled, LinkedIn Marketing an Hour A Day.

Why LinkedIn For Business

There are over 2 million company profiles available on LinkedIn. Imagine how many people you can connect with in your specific niches. 155 million professionals have accounts on LinkedIn making it the largest professional social network. Furthermore, 2 new members join every second. Important to note that half of new members are overseas. So if you’re looking to take your business global, LinkedIn is rapidly expanding.

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