How Psychographics Strengthen Your Small Business Marketing

Know who your audience IS, not just what they want… to find the ideal client.

Whether you’re starting up your business or have been in business a while, you must be exact to attract your ideal clients. However, when the going gets rough small business owners cast a wide net hoping to pull in someone. They quickly become disappointed when their prospect pipeline dries up.

One tool to keep that prospect pipeline full is your ideal client profile.

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Believe to Achieve

What’s your driving force?

I love to watch movies any chance I get. Recently, I watched the 2006 movie, The Pursuit of Happyness, a rags-to-riches story based on the autobiographical book of the same name, written by Chris Gardner. The movie chronicles how Chris Gardner, despite all odds, makes it from down-and-out salesperson to become owner of a multi-million dollar brokerage firm.

While the movie takes some creative license over the actual events written in the book, the story details the challenges of this budding entrepreneur. Despite people around him doubting that he could ever become a successful broker, he pursued his dream of winning a spot in one of the country’s biggest brokerage firms.  Continue reading

Keeping in Touch Is More Important Than You Think

With just 4% of people willing to do business with you the very first time they hear about you

…keeping in touch with your prospects is more important than ever.

The other 96% will do business with you only when trust has been established.

Yet, business owners continue to work hard at talking to prospects, networking, and implementing business-awareness marketing strategies, but lack solid systems to cultivate trust and stay in touch with those people whom they meet. Incredibly, keep-in-touch systems are often forgotten about or neglected by many small business owners. With only 20% of leads actually followed up on, that’s a heaping pile of lost opportunity.  Continue reading

Systems? We don’t need no stinkin’ systems! WRONG!

Using a Systems Approach Works for Small Business Owners. Seriously.

When you adopt a systems mindset, you begin to look at how one area of your business affects the other areas simultaneously. So what’s this systems mindset and how does it work, you ask?

According to the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook, a systems thinker “knows how systems fit into the larger contents of day-to-day life, how they behave, and how to manage them.” “Systems thinking is a unique perspective on reality – a perspective that sharpens our awareness of wholes and how the parts within those wholes interrelate.”

Unfortunately, effective business systems are the most underutilized tools by small business owners.

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Four Simple Steps to Tame Your Email Monster

We’ve all got one. And it doesn’t hide under the bed!

Have you ever sat down to your computer, pressed the send/receive button on your email only to have it download a laundry list of emails that you know just by glancing at them aren’t important or urgent to growing your small business?

First you look at them. You feel the pressure build up inside. Then, in haste, you start deleting each and every email without opening them just to relieve the stress.

Unfortunately, that relief is only temporary. However, there is good news. You’re only four simple steps away from taming that email monster for good and creating focused time in your schedule regardless of the email system you’re using.  Continue reading