2012 is here – Make It a Masterpiece!

You have another opportunity to start a new year with an empty canvas.

Developing an authentic lifestyle—one that truly reflects what is important to you in all areas of life—is a work of art.

It is your personal statement to the world. Are you creating your masterpiece with both the intention and attention a great artist gives her creation?  Continue reading

Smoothing Ruffled Feathers is a bit of an art

In the world of birds, ruffled feathers is one sign of a virus. Isn’t that also the case at work?

Ruffled feathers can spread like a virus throughout your office, department or corporation. Depending on the influence of the ‘ruffled one’, that spread can be fatal.

Infected birds shed the virus by exhaling and excreting. Isn’t this what happens in the workplace? Gossip and anger can quickly change the workplace environment from healthy to malicious. And, it’s very contagious.

When words are involved, a high level of refinement of the virus is possible. Stories change subtly. Emphasis is given to different aspects by different people. Additions are appended.  Continue reading

Where seldom is heard a discouraging word, and…

Are you at home on the “range?” Do you seldom hear a discouraging word at work? That would be the ideal.

Because I did not just crawl out from under a rock, I know that workplaces can be filled with frustration, and frustration breeds discontent. It’s no surprise a recent survey found that, aside from more money or higher position, most folks leave their jobs (by choice) because of expressed or unexpressed interpersonal conflict. Maybe you have considered moving your little doggie along to a new range for that very reason…to a place where you can experience and sow peace?  Continue reading