10 Tips on Speaking, Your Body Language and Knowing Your Worth

When you talk, are you shining in your own best light?

photo of man happy with himselfRecently I heard Robyn Hatcher of SpeakEtc say this, “What is your value proposition?” What this means is to explain what value you bring to your business. For creatives like myself, we may say our art or creativity, but we are each so much more than that.

During a class series I had taken, I had homework each week and in one particular week I had this exact question of writing easily and simply what it is that I do and how I can best explain it, so others get what I’m about. It’s not an easy question to answer and you’d be surprised at how many drafts there were.  Continue reading

Time Management Strategies: Expert Tips for Managing Workflow

…So Your Business Moves Forward Successfully

Plan your marketing RIGHT to use your time bestI recently read material from both Payson Cooper and Bryn Johnson’s websites and wanted to share some of what I’ve learned.

Between working each day for clients and my own blogs, and managing all that comes with that, it’s not easy anymore to fit everything in, and I need better time management strategies, as I’m sure you do!

I will say this: We all have missions and causes that we care deeply about, but if they don’t generate revenue, they take a back seat to the work we must do to earn a living. I know that seems harsh, and I say it knowing how much I love the causes and missions I’m on, but I have to be realistic as well. If I don’t take the time to do the work I must, I won’t have the extra time to do the other things I want to.  Continue reading

Who are you, and what do you do for a living?

Do You Know How to Express What Your Business Is and What You Do as an Entrepreneur?

I have had my own business for 17 years now and as my business expanded across different platforms and media, I have become confused on how to express what I do. I sometimes speak at events, have been on the radio, interviewed in print and online, attended openings and event gatherings and when someone asks me, what I do, I’m afraid I stumble a bit.  Continue reading

Looks aren’t everything, but they still count for something!

Why Isn’t Branding & Design Part of Your Teleseries on Building a Business?

What good is sending more traffic to your site, if once they get there, your site has been slapped together and is just plain horrible?

Lately, I see and get invited to so many teleclasses. Whether free or paying, everybody has something they want to teach us, and of course the top issue is more traffic to your site or blog… and hopefully providing people with something they want to know and will share with others.  Continue reading