Social Buzz Club Premier Training Topics Survey

Social Buzz U is Social Buzz Club’s weekly webcast where experts offer high content training on the latest tools, online marketing and business practices.

We have delivered over 125 webinars to date. We are very proud of the content, speakers and our community. Yet, we refuse to sit on our laurels. We want to get better and need your input.

Our very first Social Buzz U webinar was on August 18, 2011 with Denise Wakeman, the initial weeks were followed by training from Amy Porterfield, Jeff Herring, and Mari Smith. Since that time we have delivered high content virtual trainings from over 125 presenters. This is one of the most valuable bonuses of being a paid member of the Social Buzz Club. Whether you’re a start up entrepreneur or highly sought after thought leader, we know you will gain wisdom from these leaders

We need your HELP to Make Social Buzz U Better

As we near our 3rd Anniversary we are inviting our community to speak up and let us know what is most valuable to you. We want to know what kinds of virtual training events you would drop everything for to attend. Or that you would want to watch the replays for sure!

Please take our 1 question survey and let us know what you want to learn.

How to be a speaker for Social Buzz U

We frequently get asked, “how do I become a speaker on Social Buzz U?”.

We have a few requirements:

  • that you have a cleaned up list size of 5,000 or more who are entrepreneurs, authors, thought leaders, bloggers or social media managers.
  • You have experience presenting webinars with PowerPoint or Keynote slides.
  • Your webinars deliver high value and get rave reviews.
  • You also must email your list to invite them to register for your webinar. Then share about it on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • We highly recommend you join Social Buzz Club. It is preferred that you become a Premium Member.

Oh, and it only works if you love Social Buzz Club as well.

If you meet the above, then send us a request via

Place in the subject: Speaker Inquiry from Your Name

In the description include:

  • Your topic. And a 2 sentence description of what you teach. Hint: Make it compelling so we get excited about you.
  • Email List size.
  • What you love about Social Buzz Club.

Please include your phone number and Links to your main social media accounts

We look forward to continuing to bring world class experts and training to you weekly.

Stop and smell the roses 2012

This is the first in a new series of Smarter Working Tips 2.0 here on Social Buzz Club.

This inaugural”episode” is directed to the self-employed workaholic…

Stop and smell the roses. Repeat as necessary.

No roses? No worries! Watch the birds, play on the swings, listen to children laughing, smell the rain on the concrete… whatever. Get past the semantics and get to the point!

And the point here is… it’s way too easy to “just keep working” when you would actually  improve your productivity by taking a darn break!  Continue reading

Can I live without Social Media?

Social media is the be-all and end-all of the internet… right?

Certainly there are folks out there who will tell you that. And in some ways, they are a little right. Social media is definitely a big deal if you are marketing heavily to a web-based and technologically tuned-in audience.

But what if your audience doesn’t have iPhones or a facebook account, or has no idea how twitter works? How to do you get to THEM?

Good old fashioned marketing still works.  Continue reading

Leaving your website to a web designer is a GOOD idea.

Are you a web designer? If you’re not, that is the NUMBER ONE reason why leaving your website to a designer is a GOOD idea.

In this era of exponential online growth, your website may be your MOST important promotional tool –put some time and money into it.

But who knows your business like you do? How can you possibly trust anyone else to present YOU the way you think YOU can? This is the next GOOD REASON to hire a designer.  Continue reading

Useful WordPress Tools for Spreading Your Word

Get your message out to the masses easily, quickly, attractively and automagically.

WordPress is the most widely used platform for blogging – and increasingly, for non-blogging websites, too. With its evolution in the past 6 months to a more “Content Management” style of structure, you can accomplish so much more than you could before.

If you’ve been using wordpress for a while, maybe you haven’t explored the new features or plugins. Maybe your site isn’t working as hard as it could be for you. Maybe you’re still working too hard, too!

Below are some great WordPress plugins that can help improve your marketing & search engine results, that can push out your content automagically, and draw more traffic to your website, while you do the fun stuff of actually DOING your business.

 Continue reading