White Papers – Build the Bones First

In discussing with writers the problems they face in developing white papers, one thing stands out among many of them: where to start.

Once the topic is chosen, there is often a temptation to just get things going by “beginning with the beginning.” However, brainstorming headlines and working on the paper’s introductory page is something that should come later–sometimes much later—in the process.

Michelangelo didn’t form the model of his David by starting with the skin—he began by establishing bone structure and muscle mass. A compelling white paper is “sculpted” in much the same way, starting with the bones (the outline gleaned from the needs assessment interview) and fleshed out with muscle from subsequent interviews and research.  Continue reading

Timing Your Live Press Release

When posting your live press release, you can choose the time and day it goes live.

This is a great feature because you can easily plan ahead and schedule your SEO Online Press Release to go live automatically at the specified day and time. 

The best time to send out a press release depends on the industry and topic. In general we try to time it for the middle of the work week but the only way to really know is to test it.    Continue reading

Social Media Success Tip: Using Personas to Target Your Market

So many clients ask, how do I create a community and engage my target audience on social media? 

Then I ask, well, who are you targeting? 

Most will say things like women, 25-54, 100k+ income and other old-school ways of defining markets.  I explain, in the new digital marketing arena, those kinds of target market definitions are much too broad.  To narrow it down for the client, I then ask, who do you serve?  Who, exactly, benefits from your product or service? You see, social media marketing is about serving, giving information, building communities, not selling or marketing “to” your constituents.  Continue reading

3 Steps to Creating Content for Picky Readers

Picky Reader

Finicky Readers Require Special Treatment

Content is queen… this we all know.

There is a vast chasm between content for content’s sake, and GOOD content that draws in your visitor, offers value, and eventually converts them to a customer.

Everyone is looking for information to help them make decisions about things, so if you’re in business, you need to provide your prospects with content.

Whether you write the content yourself or outsource it, here are a few things you should know before you begin that will help you capture the ‘picky reader.’  Continue reading