8 Proven Strategies to Grow Your Followers and Reach On Instagram

Did you know that Forbes Magazine recently said that “Instagram is shaping up to be the worlds most powerful selling tool.”

Visual and mobile Marketing is HOT right now, the best part about it is that “visual marketing” is nothing new.

Do you remember Show and Tell when you were younger? You couldn’t WAIT to go to the front of the class and share what was new, fun and exciting? All of the other children oohhh and ahhh’d over it? That is what Instagram is now offering.

The term “A picture is worth a thousand words” definitely rings true for Instagram.

To be honest, I began marketing on Instagram as a complete accident and it turned into a goldmine for me in just a few short months. I currently manage six separate Instagram accounts with a following of just under 20,000 TARGETED Followers.

I’ve realized that as my account grows and I help others succeed with Instagram, there are a few CRUCIAL step that everyone needs to follow in order to be successful on Instagram

Here are 8 time tested proven strategies that will help you with gaining more reach and followers on Instagram:


Many people make the mistake of leaving their Instagram bio blank, this is a “No-No”.
Make sure that you take the time to tell a few sentences about yourself and let people know where they can contact you and what you are all about. And ADD YOUR WEBSITE LINK!!


Give back to others! Don’t just post to Instagram. Search for others to follow and be sure to also “like” others photos as well as joining into conversations within the comments section of photos. Showing interest to others shows that you care!


Who is your “target audience”? Who do you WANT buying your product? Search for them on Instagram and see what they are posting and looking for/interested in. Are they SAHM? Entrepreneurs? Students? FIND THEM and follow them


In order to get more followers, you have to get in front of the “right people.” The easiest way to do that is through #Hashtags. If you own a clothing line, look for people using #hashtags such as #fashion #models #style

Let’s be honest, people always “share” (aka ‘steal’) photos and use for themselves. So if people are going to share them any way, why not have YOUR contact info on them. It does not have to take up the entire picture, just add it SOMEWHERE I use the apps “PHONTO” and “OVER” on my iPhone to do this.


There are several reasons to connect your additional Social Media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter with your Instagram

  • Allows you to increase your exposure
  • Saves time! You will not have to exit the Instagram app to hit several social media sites at once
  • You can never assume that because someone is connected with you on one platform that they follow you on Instagram, Let them know!


You can never assume that your followers know what to do.
Give them a Call To Action

Eg: “Double tap this picture if”… (when you tap a picture twice, it will “like” the picture)
Eg: “Tag a friend who motivates you”


Using a small prize as an incentive will drive tons of new users to participate and share with their friends! One contest has the ability to generate the same engagement and increase in Followers and get your product or brand in front of MANY more people!

  • Eg: Ask followers to post a picture and tag your company with a specific #hashtag to be eligible
  • Eg: Ask followers to forward a picture that you’ve posted, share with a friend and be eligible to win
  • Prizes can include: Gift cards, 1 on 1 consultations, sample of your product, blog feature, free “swag” the possibilities are ENDLESS

Whether you are brand new to Instagram or a seasoned Instagram veteran, these 8 tips will help you skyrocket your engagement

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