LinkedIn Strategies For Your Business and Increased Market Visibility

Linkedin strategies

Linkedin strategiesLeading LinkedIn Expert, Viveka von Rosen offered great LinkedIn strategies for business on Social Buzz Club’s Social Buzz U that made me realize how important LinkedIn is for business. Viveka got started on LinkedIn in 2006. She is a supporter of face to face networking groups and personal communication and as a business networking site LinkedIn just made made a lot of sense. Today, Viveka has 24,000 first level connections on LinkedIn and 46,000 following on twitter. She also has been ranked as one of the top ten influential people by Forbes. Her book coming out is entitled, LinkedIn Marketing an Hour A Day.

Why LinkedIn For Business

There are over 2 million company profiles available on LinkedIn. Imagine how many people you can connect with in your specific niches. 155 million professionals have accounts on LinkedIn making it the largest professional social network. Furthermore, 2 new members join every second. Important to note that half of new members are overseas. So if you’re looking to take your business global, LinkedIn is rapidly expanding.

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How to Gain a Targeted Following and Become Well Known Online: 4 Strategies For Success

Have you ever wondered what it’s going to take to get your business noticed? 

Many businesses are struggling to get the visibility they need in order to find new clients, get referrals and grow their business in today’s competitive environment. Below are four of the strategies I use that are guaranteed to help you gain a targeted following and become well known online.

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How To Ask for A Killer LinkedIn Recommendation

be a star on linkedin - get killer recommndationsIn order to have a 100% complete profile on LinkedIn, you must have three recommendations.

All recommendations – or endorsements – are not created equal. The best LinkedIn recommendations are ones that give specific results or tell a story of transformation. To request a LinkedIn recommendation you must be connected to the person you want to receive it from.

When you go to the Profile link on your LinkedIn account you will notice a Recommendations link drop down. Clicking this leads you to Manage Your Recommendations. This is your opportunity to turn your LinkedIn profile into what I call your power resume! LinkedIn has a great feature that allows people you are connected with to endorse you.  Continue reading