Pinterest for Business Building

How To Use Pinterest for BusinessAs of 3 years ago, you could have been right to say ‘I don’t have time to devote to another site’ and it would have been OK to tell you to concentrate on your business, however we can no longer ignore the fastest growing website in the history of the Internet.

Pinterest has been consistently increasing its business pages with over 500,000 pages, similar to Facebook pages and over 70+ million users, chances are your ideal clients are already using Pinterest.

We have all been told in Marketing you follow where the leads are. It just so happens Pinterest is now the number one referral for E-commerce and growing at a rate of 11% overall compared to Facebook’s 5%, according to Experian, and with the advent of sponsored pins, Pinterest is poised to reach over 200 million users by the 1st quarter of 2015.

Businesses can no longer say they don’t have time. The figures show with such increased in traffic and referrals you will be missing a lot of great opportunities to reach your target audience and ideal client to grow your business.

I’ve had several Direct Sales experts, Business Coaches, and Digital Marketers reach out to me asking how can they reach a larger audience and get more followers?

Here are 3 time tested proven strategies that will help you with gaining more reach and followers on Pinterest:

1.Curate fresh content. What I mean by that: instead of repinning 80% of everything you see on your feed…pin fresh content that are not popular already. Flip that model on it’s side. I’ve been successful in a very short time period by curating 80% new content, 10% repins, and 10% from friends that need a hand.

2. Create board covers that are enticing. Draw in your ideal clients with images they can relate with. Use sharp, magazine-worthy images a la National Geographic.

3. Use keywords that pertain to your target market to describe your images. Keep in mind, Pinterest pins appear on Search Engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Most customers are not typing “cute idea” or “yummy chocolate” when looking for chocolate chip cookie recipes. And don’t forget to use hashtags on your descriptions, this will help when a client is using the search feature on Pinterest.

If you are a service provider, business coach, or have a physical product or store experiencing the feast and famine cycle we have found a solution for you by using Pinterest and we will share the solution with you during our free webinar on April 3 at Social Buzz U.

Say This, Not That: Essentials of Social Media Manners

Or… how to make a good electronic first impression

small_3256859352Technology has given us the capability to navigate on a global scale, download and upload information instantly from almost anywhere, text, send emails along with a full menu of digital options including thousands of “apps” to manage our lives with. Though we each have nearly unlimited capabilities as powerful transmitting stations, when it comes to processing and accurately discerning the intent of personal communications, we are often feeble receiving sets. In our haste to increase our technological fitness, we have allowed other aspects of meaningful communication to atrophy.

Psychologists say that non-verbal communication represents two-thirds of all communication.  Experts even assign “channels” to non-verbal communication such as gestures and touch, posture, facial expression and eye contact.  Others important aspects of communication include voice quality, rate, pitch and intonation.  Think about this: every single one of those cues are absent in Social Media. The keyboard delivers the message, so we no longer even have the benefit of seeing someone’s handwriting.

That’s why social media etiquette should be a required course, not an elective, for everyone. From  young people creating an immutable digital footprint to businesses communicating the essence of their brand,  there are things you MUST know. The future of your online reputation depends on it.

The Hot Spots

A challenge in learning Social Media Manners is that the channels are proliferating like rabbits, and each channel has its own protocol.

To simplify, let’s consider a brief description of the largest channels. I compare the atmosphere of these channels to social situations you are familiar with.

Twitter is like an outdoor concert. It’s “come as you are”, noisy and busy.

FaceBook is like a big backyard barbecue. Dress is casual but you’re likely to encounter anyone from your grandmother to your boss.

Linked In is a virtual business convention. It’s rather formal; business attire & behavior expected.

Google Plus is like a trip to Starbucks. It’s popular with many, but not everyone hangs out there.

Pinterest is an art show. Some are there for pure art, some are there to make money and lots of people are just lookers. “Eclectic” describes this channel.

Instagram is like a photo shop where everyone is showing their favorite pictures.

Each of these varied environments come with expectations and protocol.  The rules aren’t hard to learn. I’ll leave you with a few that apply across the board.  Build the foundation well and then you can go as far and as high as you choose.

Start with the ABCs

As you arrive, take time to observe.   Get a feel for the “room” rather than barging in boisterously.

Be yourself. Your best self.  Take time to check grammar and spelling. And I may sound like your mother, but leave your cuss words at the door.

Caution is necessary regarding automation.  It’s tempting  to take shortcuts like services that post automated updates and allow you to buy followers.  Not a good idea.

Learn the practical guidelines for Social Media Manners  from A to Z by joining us for the next Social Buzz Club Webinar…….March 28


Beverly_LEWISBeverly Lewis of is a thriving entrepreneur, internet marketing strategist, speaker and business coach. As a creative and resourceful business growth expert, her goal is to help others develop and express their best gifts. She specializes in relationship marketing and has provided workshops and seminars on success & leadership for over 25 years. As CEO of BeverlySpeaks (Chief Encouragement Officer), she wears several hats, including “Joyologist”, Treasure Hunter and Mountain Mover. She lives in Florida with her husband of 34 years and loves to spend time with her family, including romping with her 3 young grandchildren.


illustration credit: Rosaura Ochoa via photopin cc

Pinterest for Business Exposure

How To Use Pinterest for BusinessSocial media influencer, Kim Garst, gave a fabulous training for our Social Buzz U chock full of Pinterest tips for business. Here are some of the highlights she shared:

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social network that allows you to organize and share almost anything you find on the web. Since it is imaged based sharing, you create virtual bulletin boards (or pin boards) by topic. Then you pin images from pages online that contain information related to your bulletin board topics. Topics or themes can include everything to personal interest areas like weddings, decorating ideas, exercise, fitness tips, recipes, to business interests.

Tip: Browse others pin boards created by others to find pins for your boards.  Continue reading