Systems? We don’t need no stinkin’ systems! WRONG!

Using a Systems Approach Works for Small Business Owners. Seriously.

When you adopt a systems mindset, you begin to look at how one area of your business affects the other areas simultaneously. So what’s this systems mindset and how does it work, you ask?

According to the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook, a systems thinker “knows how systems fit into the larger contents of day-to-day life, how they behave, and how to manage them.” “Systems thinking is a unique perspective on reality – a perspective that sharpens our awareness of wholes and how the parts within those wholes interrelate.”

Unfortunately, effective business systems are the most underutilized tools by small business owners.

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Four Simple Steps to Tame Your Email Monster

We’ve all got one. And it doesn’t hide under the bed!

Have you ever sat down to your computer, pressed the send/receive button on your email only to have it download a laundry list of emails that you know just by glancing at them aren’t important or urgent to growing your small business?

First you look at them. You feel the pressure build up inside. Then, in haste, you start deleting each and every email without opening them just to relieve the stress.

Unfortunately, that relief is only temporary. However, there is good news. You’re only four simple steps away from taming that email monster for good and creating focused time in your schedule regardless of the email system you’re using.  Continue reading

How to Gain a Targeted Following and Become Well Known Online: 4 Strategies For Success

Have you ever wondered what it’s going to take to get your business noticed? 

Many businesses are struggling to get the visibility they need in order to find new clients, get referrals and grow their business in today’s competitive environment. Below are four of the strategies I use that are guaranteed to help you gain a targeted following and become well known online.

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