How to Gain a Targeted Following and Become Well Known Online: 4 Strategies For Success

Have you ever wondered what it’s going to take to get your business noticed? 

Many businesses are struggling to get the visibility they need in order to find new clients, get referrals and grow their business in today’s competitive environment. Below are four of the strategies I use that are guaranteed to help you gain a targeted following and become well known online.

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Useful WordPress Tools for Spreading Your Word

Get your message out to the masses easily, quickly, attractively and automagically.

WordPress is the most widely used platform for blogging – and increasingly, for non-blogging websites, too. With its evolution in the past 6 months to a more “Content Management” style of structure, you can accomplish so much more than you could before.

If you’ve been using wordpress for a while, maybe you haven’t explored the new features or plugins. Maybe your site isn’t working as hard as it could be for you. Maybe you’re still working too hard, too!

Below are some great WordPress plugins that can help improve your marketing & search engine results, that can push out your content automagically, and draw more traffic to your website, while you do the fun stuff of actually DOING your business.

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Using Twitter for Small Business Marketing

Get out of average-joe thinking. Twitter for small business is CRITICAL.

Did you know that despite some ‘common wisdom’ to the contrary, it is actually possible to sell your products and services directly through marketing on twitter?

Perhaps by using the phrase ‘common wisdom’ you understand what I think of the idea that you can’t, or shouldn’t, market your small business and sell your products and services on twitter. There is no such thing as ‘common wisdom’… Well, not much of any value anyway. Most things that the majority of people think fit into that category is more like a ‘common mediocre idea’ – far from ‘wisdom’.  Continue reading

Six Super Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies

Businesses everywhere are benefiting from the social media boom. How’s YOUR social media marketing?

Social Media has made marketing easier and more effective than ever, you just need to know where to start. You really can reach your customer base more efficiently than ever before, all while driving traffic and increasing your sales. Let’s take a look at the top six most effective social media marketing strategies.

We’ve also included some important details to stay aware of. Social media marketing is still a new industry, there are pitfalls to watch for, scam-artists to avoid, and regularly-changing rules to pay attention to.  Continue reading

Brand Monitoring Tools that won’t break the bank

Watching your online universe is far too often at the bottom of an entrepreneur’s list. Monitoring tools help make it less daunting.

It’s all well and good to “put yourself out there” and dive into marketing your brand throughout the universe. It’s not so well and good if you don’t pay attention to what happens after you do that. This is where monitoring tools come in.

Monitoring your brand is how you get the information to know your marketing is working! If it IS working, how can you laser-focus it? If it’s NOT… how are you going to fix it? The following free (or nearly free) monitoring tools offer all kinds of different ways to help you know how, when & where your brand is receiving attention, and what you need to do to keep it all working FOR you.

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