Blogging Success with Michael Stelzner

We had a chance to do another interview with Social Media Examiner founder and blog expert Michael Stelzner on his blog’s success and tips for growing your blog. Michael Stelzner starting blogging with his Writing White Papers blog started in 2005. He had so much success, he wanted to come out with a new blog and did so in 2009 when he launched Social Media Examiner which currently has 600,0000 visits per month and 155,000 email subscribers.

He attributes the success of Social Media Examiner to

  1. the super rich content they offer
  2. having multiple bloggers
  3. using white papers or free offer to get them on newsletter

During this video interview he answers these questions:

  • Which is more important having RSS subscribers or email newsletter opt-ins?
  • Advice on what to write and make you the source in your industry?
  • How to get the word out about your blog?

See for yourself:


Blogging Success Fundamentals for Business Workshop is a revolutionary training event will cover topics that are designed to take you from concept to blogging success including:

  • What is a Blog Strategy How does a blog fit into your business
  • Lay out a blog strategy blue print
  • Tactics and easy ways to create blog content
  • Analytics – what to measure and how to measure your blog traffic and impact
  • Technical tools to optimize your blog
  • Plugins for mobile users
  • Steps to take to Promote your blog

The Blogging Fundamentals for Business Workshop takes place over 2 Weeks. All 5 sessions are being taught exclusively by master blogger Michael Stelzner himself. Act now for the best deal

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Please share the things that are working for you and your blogging in the comments below.

8 Ways Your Blog Can Help Your Business

… Even If You Don’t Blog Often for Business

Business blog Companies can get significant benefits by maintaining (and updating) a business blog. For one, search engines love blog content. Creating content regularly helps your company be found more easily in Google, Bing and Yahoo’s search engines. More importantly, potential customers are also interested in good, relevant content. Once they discover it, blog content keeps them on your site longer and gives them the opportunity to get to know you on a deeper level, making them more likely to buy from you.

I will dig into these and other benefits in a minute. But first, let’s address the biggest complaint that I hear: “I don’t have time to blog”.

I could explain how you can create an editorial calendar to keep you on track, how you could carve out a dedicated time to write, how you could hire bloggers to write for you, or how you could accept guest posts to get more content on your site. These are all great ways to make blogging more methodical and to reduce your blogging workload. But, I’d like to take this “conversation” in a different direction, if that’s alright with you.

So what if you only have the time, energy or bandwidth to create a few blog posts over the next few months? Is it worth it? I say yes!  Continue reading

DoFollow, NoFollow… or get out of the way!

What’s the buzz with all this following stuff, anyway?

Today, a brief dissertation on Link Juice and Link Traffic, what counts, what doesn’t, and why you should care (or not) . . . and what NoFollow has to do with any of it.

A quick distinction:

Link Juice = credit for having good links TO your site from other credible sites in your industry.

Link Traffic = visitors who get to your site by actually clicking on those links from other sites.

 Continue reading