6 Tips To Create An Effective Inbound Marketing Campaign

How to Start Making Effective, Lovable Campaigns

by Barbra Bannon, originally posted at SparkEvolution.com


Now that we’ve covered the key characteristics of marketing that people love, let’s discuss how you can adopt these features in your marketing practices. In this ebook, we will walk you through the process of running a holistic marketing campaign and show you ways in which you can make each part of this campaign educational, helpful, timely, customized, consistent–in other words, lovable!

From industry best practices and our own experience, there are some key components of a successful marketing campaign:

  • Produce a compelling marketing offer
  • Place the offer on your website
  • Attach the offer to automated workflows
  • Promote it via email, blog & social media channels
  • Measure results

TIP #1 How to Develop a Stellar Marketing Offer

Constantly coming up with new content ideas can be overwhelming. To handle the demands of content creation, marketers have been told again and again to “think like a publisher.” it’s great advice, but what exactly does that mean? Just how do you think like a publisher?

Like publishers, inbound marketers must have a detailed picture of their target audience in order to create optimal content for them. Who are your ideal customers and prospects? What are their biggest concerns, needs, and interests? Where can you reach them – on search engines, social media, or blogs – and what kinds of content do they prefer? These questions will help you develop buyer personas.

Focus on the right stage

Content plays a critical role in every stage of the inbound marketing process, from generating awareness about your company to helping convert leads into customers. But the types of content you should use to achieve each of these goals are often very different from each other.

The prospect gets acquainted with your brand or realizes they have a need for your product/service.

The prospect identifies the problem and researches potential solutions, including your product/service.

The prospect examines the options and begins narrowing the list of vendors

The prospect decides from whom to buy.

What Content Attracts Traffic & Leads?
For the purposes of launching a powerful marketing campaign, you will focus on the first stage–creating awareness through your marketing content. This means your marketing offer needs to attract a ton of traffic and generate new leads for your business. There are different types of content formats and topics that you can pursue to achieve this goal.  Continue reading

How is What You’re Doing Getting You Closer To Your Goals?

Or is it? Do you actually have a marketing strategy?

Over and over again, I’ve seen how business owners try tactics that are costing them not only the ability to get new clients (and the money that goes along with it) but their reputation. 

Often times, they don’t realize that they are even making mistakes.  They believe that they are just working hard.  What they do know is that they don’t have the sales or the number of clients they were expecting.   Continue reading

How Psychographics Strengthen Your Small Business Marketing

Know who your audience IS, not just what they want… to find the ideal client.

Whether you’re starting up your business or have been in business a while, you must be exact to attract your ideal clients. However, when the going gets rough small business owners cast a wide net hoping to pull in someone. They quickly become disappointed when their prospect pipeline dries up.

One tool to keep that prospect pipeline full is your ideal client profile.

 Continue reading

Keeping in Touch Is More Important Than You Think

With just 4% of people willing to do business with you the very first time they hear about you

…keeping in touch with your prospects is more important than ever.

The other 96% will do business with you only when trust has been established.

Yet, business owners continue to work hard at talking to prospects, networking, and implementing business-awareness marketing strategies, but lack solid systems to cultivate trust and stay in touch with those people whom they meet. Incredibly, keep-in-touch systems are often forgotten about or neglected by many small business owners. With only 20% of leads actually followed up on, that’s a heaping pile of lost opportunity.  Continue reading

7 Twitter Growth Strategies

twitter strategies to grow your businessTwitter has been really good to my businesses!

In a short span of only 4 weeks I was able to increase sales, using exclusively Twitter, by over 1231%. Needless to say, I’m a HUGE fan of Twitter and feel it is an easy social media tool can be very effective for building your business.

As a good friend of mine once said, “Twitter is like a cocktail party. You can come and go as you please and there will always be people ready to chat with you.” It’s a great way to approach Twitter… it alleviates the pressure of feeling like you need to be there ALL the time, and gives you a frame work for thinking about how to interact.  Continue reading