10 Tips on Speaking, Your Body Language and Knowing Your Worth

When you talk, are you shining in your own best light?

photo of man happy with himselfRecently I heard Robyn Hatcher of SpeakEtc say this, “What is your value proposition?” What this means is to explain what value you bring to your business. For creatives like myself, we may say our art or creativity, but we are each so much more than that.

During a class series I had taken, I had homework each week and in one particular week I had this exact question of writing easily and simply what it is that I do and how I can best explain it, so others get what I’m about. It’s not an easy question to answer and you’d be surprised at how many drafts there were.  Continue reading

Time Management Strategies: Expert Tips for Managing Workflow

…So Your Business Moves Forward Successfully

Plan your marketing RIGHT to use your time bestI recently read material from both Payson Cooper and Bryn Johnson’s websites and wanted to share some of what I’ve learned.

Between working each day for clients and my own blogs, and managing all that comes with that, it’s not easy anymore to fit everything in, and I need better time management strategies, as I’m sure you do!

I will say this: We all have missions and causes that we care deeply about, but if they don’t generate revenue, they take a back seat to the work we must do to earn a living. I know that seems harsh, and I say it knowing how much I love the causes and missions I’m on, but I have to be realistic as well. If I don’t take the time to do the work I must, I won’t have the extra time to do the other things I want to.  Continue reading

3 Tips to Get More Leads Every Time You Speak

There it is – now you’re a speaker.

Becoming a speaker will help grow your businessYou just made the decision to add speaking to your marketing mix so you get in front of your ideal prospects. 

You work hard at securing your first gig and are thrilled because you have your first real shot at getting in front of a room filled with your ideal prospects.

So, you work for hours getting your speech down cold.  You spend a lot of effort working out the slides and you think you’re ready.  You deliver your speech and are quite pleased with your presentation.  You’re relieved to finish your presentation, people clap, and some people take your card.

Then you wait.  And wait.  And wait.  You even check your phone to make sure it’s working.  Confusion turns into frustration.  You simply don’t understand why you’re not getting calls because so many people came up to you and loved your message.  All of that time, effort, money, travel and nothing.  Continue reading

4 Surprisingly Simple Steps to Take You from Procrastination to Progress

One of the biggest frustrations of small business owners is simply procrastinating on tasks that they know need to be done, but just don’t do them. 

Other contributing factors that sideline most entrepreneurs include:

  • not setting clear goals
  • underestimating the difficulty or time required to complete a project or task
  • using the excuse of “no time”
  •  or trying to make something perfect.

Once you’ve identified your undercurrents that are getting in the way, look for ways to organize your work to keep your procrastination in check.   Continue reading

How is What You’re Doing Getting You Closer To Your Goals?

Or is it? Do you actually have a marketing strategy?

Over and over again, I’ve seen how business owners try tactics that are costing them not only the ability to get new clients (and the money that goes along with it) but their reputation. 

Often times, they don’t realize that they are even making mistakes.  They believe that they are just working hard.  What they do know is that they don’t have the sales or the number of clients they were expecting.   Continue reading