Deconstructing Stress

If you are like most people in this harried society, you sometimes feel like your own internal structure is starting to shake.

Pressure from urgent deadlines, too many projects and too many people counting on you can eventually create serious stress. Nevermind ever-increasing financial pressure these days, and international pockets of unrest, and turmoil on the streets!

Stress is felt in your body as an actual physical, mental, and emotional consequence.

If you keep adding to the load without offloading something else, your internal structure will get overstressed and finally destabilize.  Continue reading

Stop and smell the roses 2012

This is the first in a new series of Smarter Working Tips 2.0 here on Social Buzz Club.

This inaugural”episode” is directed to the self-employed workaholic…

Stop and smell the roses. Repeat as necessary.

No roses? No worries! Watch the birds, play on the swings, listen to children laughing, smell the rain on the concrete… whatever. Get past the semantics and get to the point!

And the point here is… it’s way too easy to “just keep working” when you would actually¬† improve your productivity by taking a darn break!  Continue reading