Blogging Success with Michael Stelzner

We had a chance to do another interview with Social Media Examiner founder and blog expert Michael Stelzner on his blog’s success and tips for growing your blog. Michael Stelzner starting blogging with his Writing White Papers blog started in 2005. He had so much success, he wanted to come out with a new blog and did so in 2009 when he launched Social Media Examiner which currently has 600,0000 visits per month and 155,000 email subscribers.

He attributes the success of Social Media Examiner to

  1. the super rich content they offer
  2. having multiple bloggers
  3. using white papers or free offer to get them on newsletter

During this video interview he answers these questions:

  • Which is more important having RSS subscribers or email newsletter opt-ins?
  • Advice on what to write and make you the source in your industry?
  • How to get the word out about your blog?

See for yourself:


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Please share the things that are working for you and your blogging in the comments below.

How to Start a Blog, Drive Traffic, and Monetize Social Media co-founder Laura Rubinstein interviews Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner.

Stelzner answers questions about starting a blog, driving traffic to your website, generating social media ROI without selling through collaborative efforts like the SocialBuzzClub social marketing platform for organic content syndication.


Great insights into the seeds of Social Media Examiner, one of the top blogs about social media and how you, too, can follow in their footsteps and create your own empire!

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