Facebook’s Ad Manager Is Available As A FREE Market Research Resource

facebookIt’s easy, it’s valuable, and it’s stunningly FAST.

And if you’re planning to invest your savings and start a new business venture to pitch to qualified investors, spending some time on Facebook’s Ad Manager can make all the difference in having the compelling information you’ll need available at your fingertips.

Facebook’s Ad Manager is available to everyone who has a Facebook account, and to promote trial (and error) use of the self-serve ad manager, they make it free to use and access without ever spending any money.

To get started, you’ll have to answer a few unimportant questions; all answers lead to the ad generator and if you scroll down the page you can access the valuable “create your audience” targeting tool, that dynamically generates info about Facebook audience sizes available for marketing.  Continue reading

Debbie Horovitch is the owner of Social Sparkle & Shine, a Toronto-based social media agency that focuses on providing innovative and low-cost media solutions for businesses growing their social media communities and media monetization opportunities.

Debbie believes so strongly in the power of knowing your target audience better through media, she offers PAID FOR YOU Facebook ad campaigns for every client of her Done For You social media services.