The Main Purpose of a Blog: List Building

One of the most important business building strategies is to create a list. The reason why is simple. With a list you can sell your products and services to the same clients, over and over again.

According to a Maria Veloso, author of “Web Copy That Sells” if you don’t add clients to a list after a sale you are leaving 90%+ of the potential income you can earn over the lifetime of that client on the table.

The way to entice users to sign up for your list is to give them a valuable and free offering, such as a multi-part email course, a free report or video about your service, or even a coupon.

There are several ways of setting up your blog to collect email addresses. One option is to use a “squeeze page,” where potential customers are directed before they can enter your site.


Above is an example of a squeeze page. You can use such a page as part of your promotion and you can create multiple versions.


There are many other ways to capture an email address. An effective way is placing the call to action right at the top of the page, as is done on the Problogger site.


Another way of collecting email addresses is with a signup form, which appears to the right of your content on pages and blog posts.


An effective way of capturing email addresses is with a capture form at the bottom of a page or post.


The lightbox hover is a great way to present an offer, get people to sign up, etc. Sites that make use of this feature will let you load their page which you will view for a few seconds, then the lightbox hover will appear. The lightbox is designed so you can quickly dismiss it with a click as you can with the hover above, by clicking on the small “x” at the top right corner. This will allow you to access the content.


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